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How much do you know about the components of stevioside
- Dec 05, 2018 -


It is a colorless crystal with a sweetness of 270-280 times that of sucrose. It is a major component of stevioside products, and the ratio in mixed glycosides is 50%-70%. The taste is good, the aftertaste is long and bitter.


The ruthenium can be further divided into RA, RC, RD, RE and the like, wherein RA is a colorless crystal. The sweetness is 450 times that of sucrose, and the sweetness is pure, similar to sucrose. It is the best quality part of sweetness in the stevia test product. RC is a colorless crystal with less than 50 times sweetness and bitterness. RD is a colorless crystal with a sweetness 150 times that of sucrose. The sweetness of RE is 100-150 times that of sucrose. RA accounts for about 15%-20% of total sputum in dry leaves. RC accounts for 10%-15%, and RD and RE account for a small proportion.


The cockroaches can be divided into two types, DA and DB. Among them, DB and RC are the same substance, DA is also relatively small in dry leaves, and the sweetness is about 150 times that of sucrose.

In general, stevioside is a major component of stevioside products, followed by RA, but if the RA content in the product is higher, the sweeter the sweetness, the more popular consumers will be.

At present, the industrially produced stevioside has three basic forms: 1: light brown crude extract, 50% pure; 2. slightly yellow is 80%-90% high purity; 3. white powder is More than 90% of the boutique.