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  • Saw Palmetto Oil

    Saw Palmetto Oil

    Botanical Name: Serenoa Repens
    Active ingredient: Fatty Acid; Test Method: GC
    Specification: Total Fatty Acid 25% ~ 45% Oil 85%-95%
    Appearance: Dark brown or Light yellow
    CAS No.: 314041-17-3
    Package: 1kg/foil bag, or 25kg/drum
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  • Ferulic Acid

    Ferulic Acid

    Botanical Source: Rice Bran
    CAS.: 1135-24-6
    Specification: 40%~99% by HPLC
    Appearance: White or light yellow crystalline powder
    Solubility: Freely soluble in ethanol, and slightly soluble in hot water
    Package: 1kg/foil bag, or 20kg/drum
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  • Stevia Extract

    Stevia Extract

    Botanical Name: Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni)
    CAS : 57817-89-7
    Specification:Rebaudioside A / stevioside 60%, 90%, 95%, 97%, 98%;Rebaudioside D 95%
    Test Standard: JECFA(2010)
    Appearance: Fine white powder.
    Package: 1kg/foil bag, or 20kg/Carton
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  • Berberine Hydrochloride

    Berberine Hydrochloride

    Botanical Source: Sophora flower bud
    CAS.: 117-39-5
    Specification: Quercetin 95%~ 98.0% By HPLC
    Appearance: Light yellow needle crystal
    Solubility: Very slightly soluble in diethyl ether, not soluble in cold water, difficultly soluble in hot water....
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  • Marigold Extract

    Marigold Extract

    Botanical Source: Marigold; Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
    Used Part: Flower; Appearance: Reddish Orange Yellow Powder
    Test Methods: HPLC / UV; Molecular Mass: 568.87
    CAS No.:127-40-2; Active Ingredient: Zeaxanthin
    CAS No :144-68-3; Molecular...
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  • Epimedium Extract

    Epimedium Extract

    Latin Name: Epimedium Brevicornum Maxim
    Plant Part Used: Leaf & Stem
    Specification: Icariin 5%-98% by HPLC , Icariins 10%,-90% HPLC
    Solubility:Soluble in ethanol,insoluble in water
    Appearance: Yellow brown to light yellow fine powder
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  • Saw Palmetto Powder

    Saw Palmetto Powder

    CAS No.: 84604-15-9
    Specification: 25% 45%
    Water: not more than 5.0%
    Test Method: GC
    Botanical Source: Serenoa repens
    Appearance: Fine light yellow powder
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  • Ginger Root Extract

    Ginger Root Extract

    Latin Name: Zingiber officinale
    Specification: Gingerol 5%~10% HPLC;Active Ingredient: Gingerol
    CAS NO: 23513-14-6 84696-15-1;Molecular Formula: C17H26O4;Molecular Mass: 294.39
    Loss on drying: ≤5.00%;Test Method: HPLC
    Appearance: Fine brown...
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  • Lycopene


    Latin Name: Solanum lycopersicum
    Specifications: 1%~20% Lycopene
    Ratio: 4:1~20:1; Juice Powder
    Appearance: Free-flowing dark red powder
    Test Method: HPLC
    CAS NO.: 502-65-8
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  • Black Rice Extract

    Black Rice Extract

    Latin Name: Oryza satiua
    Active ingredients: Anthocyanidins, Anthocyanin
    Specification: Anthocyanidins10~30%, Anthocyanin 98%
    CAS No.: 528-58-5 ;Molecular forula: C15H11C106;Molecular Weight: 322.7
    Use Part: seed coat;Test Method: UV
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  • Green Tea Extract

    Green Tea Extract

    Botanical Name: camellia sinensis L.
    Active ingredient: Polyphenols/catechins/EGCG/caffeine
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  • Milk Thistle Extract

    Milk Thistle Extract

    Botanical Name: Silybum marianum. (L.)
    Active ingredient: Silymain
    Molecular: C25H22O10
    Specification: silymarin 80% UV/ silymarin 50-60% HPLC/ Silybin 30%HPLC
    Test Method: HPLC/ UV
    Appearance: Light yellow fine powder with characteristic...
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