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Ecdysterone Extract

Ecdysterone Extract

Latin Name: Cyanotis loureiriana Active Ingredient: Ecdysterone Extract Part: Whole herb Specification: 10%-95% E Ecdysterone Appearance: Light yellow to White powder Test Method: UV/HPLC

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Product Details
Basic Information
Latin NameCyanotis loureirianaActive IngredientEcdysterone
Extract PartWhole herbSpecification10%-95% E Ecdysterone                 
Appearance Light yellow to White powderTest MethodUV/HPLC
Main Function
• Ecdysterone Extract can increase strength and endurance.

• Ecdysterone Extract has effect on improving the liver function.

• Ecdysterone Extract can maximize muscle mass and stimulate fat-burning capabilities.

• Ecdysterone Extract has function of enhancing protein the amino acid to produce protein                                                                                      

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