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Kiwi Berry Powder

Kiwi Berry Powder

1.Name:Kiwi berry powder
2.Part of the Plant Used:Fruit
3.Free sample:20g
4.100% soluble in water
5.The fast delivery

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Specification of kiwi powder 

1.Name:Kiwi berry powder 

2.Part of the Plant Used:Fruit 
3.Free sample:20g 
4.100% soluble in water
5.The fast delivery

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Introduction of kiwi juice powder process  
Selected farm fresh kiwi are first washed thoroughly followed by visual inspection, pulping, standardizing,concentrating and finally spray drying. Pulp concentration and spray drying are carried out at low temperature to retain flavour, colour and nutrition values. The particles are dried embedded in food grade matrix and Packed. It is prepared by using all natural ingredients.

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